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Here I am, drinking my Diet Irn Bru, not because I'm a patriot, but because Mark Thomas told me not to drink cola and The diet drink of the evil doctor that is called pepper is only available in the evil megamarts. 'Pakistan barred from Commonwealth' - standard procedure if the bouncer sees you with a broken glass. "I was clearing it up!" complained the misunderstood general as he was shoved out of the door. Little David Miliband said the "decision was taken in sorrow, not in anger" meaning that it hurt him more that it hurt him, and that he'd not just let himself down but the whole school.

After my recent railing at dire newses I was very pleased to come across a lecture by the wonderful Armando Iannucci expressing much the same sentiments, but in a less facetious way even though he's sort of a comedian, you can get it here in mp3 whatever that is.

China says they've made "considerable progress" in making their toys less deadly. What a shame, Watchdog will never be the same again, I'll miss the whole "look at my serious face, I'm very cross about this toy sword that's coated in Polonium-210" thing. What a nanny state China is, if they keep going like this they'll end up doing something mad like feeding their people or something. Feeding your people makes them restless and agitated, and they end up getting beligerent will all that excess energy.

I've been demanding it for years and finally they're making some progress! Yes, the smoke detector that ignores burning toast! That's got to be the best invention for ages. Why can't they invent more proper stuff like that? A television that pauses itself when you look away or lose focus for too long, that's got to be on the list.

anyway, see you around

Blurb Of The Day: Hide And Seek by Dennis Potter

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